Leadership in Women’s Sailing Award

The Leadership in Women’ s Sailing Award, co-sponsored by NWSA and BoatU.S., the nation’s largest organization of recreational boaters, begun in 1990. The award is given annually to honor an individual who has a record of achievement in inspiring, educating and enriching the lives of women through sailing.

In recent years, the award has been made at the Women's Sailing Conference in Marblehead, MA usually held the first weekend of June.


2017 Leadership Award Recipient



1999 Bernadette Bernon

2000 Betsy Alison

2001 Gail Hine

2003 Dawn Riley

2004 Doris Colgate

2005 Cory Sertl

2006 Nancy Erley

2007 Janet Baxter

2008 Patricia Seidenspinner

2009 Maureen McKinnon-Tucker

2011 Dawn Santamaria

2012 Elaine Dickinson

2015 Sally Helme

2016 Kathie Ohmer-Arnold

2017 Linda Lindquist-Bishop

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Nominations may be made to Val Cook, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by February 1st of each year.

In addition to the nominee’s name and e-mail address, the nominator must include the details of why this person is worthy of the award. These guidelines may be helpful with your submission  Guidelines for LIWSA