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If you are interested in volunteering at an AdventureSail, contact the event organizer of one of the events listed in the calendar. If you’re interested in organizing this special day in your area, download an organizer’s check sheet and contact Val Cook to schedule your event.

In 1996, AdventureSail was introduced and has been a resounding success. Nearly 3,000 girls have participated since then.
All AdventureSail participants must complete a waiver. Click here for child’s waiver.
All AdventureSail® girls are offered a free junior membership in NWSA, lasting until they become 18 years of age. Participants may also apply for a Learn to Sail Scholarship.


AdventureSail® Goals

To enrich the lives of America’s young at-risk girls through sailing, thus opening their eyes to a multitude of life’s positive possibilities, and through continued participation in sailing

  • Provide a positive activity that will encourage positive life choices
  • Develop self-confidence to overcome adverse living conditions
  • Introduce career paths and opportunities that involve the marine industry, marine related sciences and their local waters.


  • Adult role models on and off the water
  • Interaction with one another in team building and networking activities
  • Access to learn-to-sail instruction with community sailing programs that will reinforce the positive AdventureSail® experience
  • Offer junior memberships to participants in order to continue engagement of girls on a longer term
  • Access to a clean, healthy and safe environment.


The Program

An introductory day of sailing for at-risk girls ages 9 to 14 at an approved sailing, commercial or community sailing facility with boats, volunteer qualified instructors as mentors, and other sailing related activities arranged by the local organization. The activities are fun and the instructors and volunteers provide positive female role models.

AdventureSail® is a rewarding experience for the volunteers as well as girls. For most of the girls, this will be their first sailing experience. We welcome women with all levels of sailing skills and experience to participate in this program. 


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AdventureSail® is a program of the Women’s Sailing Foundation, a 501(c) 3 organization. The program is sustained by charitable donations of any amount.