National Women’s Sailing Association will be working to keep you informed about events and educational opportunities for women sailors all year. Check back, as the calendar for 2018 is in development.

If you would like us to post your women’s or girls sailing events, please email wsf@womensailing.org.
Include the name of the event, location, link for the website, a contact name and email address.


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April (TBD) – Tide, Current and WavesMay (TBD) – Sailing Checklist for a good day on the water (before boarding, on board and leaving the boat)

Date Event Location Contact
February 3 29th Sailing Convention for Women Bahia Corinthian Yacht Club
Corona del Mar, CA
Gail Hine
February 27 Winter Workshops for Women Sailors
Sailing Terms, Boat Parts and Q/A -Christina Pandapas
Marblehead, MA  
March 3 & 4 Diesel Engine workshop Narragansett Sailing School
Barrington, RI
March 21 Winter Workshops for Women Sailors
Points of Sail, Sail Trim, Upwind/Downwind Basic Strategies -Karen Peake
 Marblehead, MA  
March 31 Riverport Women’s Sailing Conference Riverport Wooden Boat School
Kingston, NY
Deb Medenbach
April 11 Winter Workshops for Women Sailors
Tide, Current and Waves –
Susannah Winder
 Marblehead, MA Jocelyn Cook
May 2 Winter Workshops for Women Sailors
Sailing Checklist for a good day on the water –
Susannah Winder
 Marblehead, MA Jocelyn Cook
May 12 Coastal Safety @ Sea MIT Sailing Pavilion
Boston, MA
Susan Epstein/Debbie Huntsman
May 18 Midwest Women’s Sailing Conference Milwaukee Community Sailing Center
Milwaukee, WI
 June 2 17th NWSA Women’s Sailing Conference Corinthian Yacht Club
Marblehead, MA
Joan Thayer/Cheryl Steiner
 June 6 – 9 Windward Bound Sailing Camp for Women  Houston Yacht Club’s Women’s Sailing Association
Houston, TX
 Joanne Humphries or Martha Gillett
June 9 AdventureSail® Courageous Sailing Center, Charlestown, MA  Joan Thayer
July 12 AdventureSail® Racine Yacht Club,
Racine, WI
Amy Cermak
September 15 AdventureSail® Breakwater Yacht Club
Sag Harbor, NY
 Val Cook  adventuresail@womensailing.org


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