Coastal Safety at Sea Workshop

May 12, 2018
MIT Sailing Pavilion

Coastal Safety at Sea, a day-long course suitable for women with all levels of sailing experience. Taught by sailing safety experts, it will feature hands-on exercises and information for inland, coastal and near coastal sailing. Supplemented by the US Sailing’s new online Coastal Safety at Sea course, participants will learn new skills and practice skills outlined in the on-line course and earn certification from US Sailing.

See, hear and do — is a highly effective way of learning, and maintaining, essential safety skills. With the course you will learn to reduce risk, avoid injury and loss, and how to make facing sailing emergencies manageable using both on-line resources, which can be referred to over and over again, and practical learning.

Knowing what to do, when to do it, and how to manage a crisis on a boat will benefit any sailor, seasoned or newbie.