Girls’ Sailing Programs


In 1996, AdventureSail®, a mentoring program for at-risk girls ages 9 to 14, was introduced and has been a resounding success. You can tell by the smiles on their faces at the day’s conclusion it is fun for everyone. Nearly 3,000 girls have participated since then. Life skills such as leadership, responsibility, teamwork, environmental stewardship, respect for authority and the importance of education are stressed to help these girls grow to successful adults. Our goal is to continue to reach out to new areas of the country to bring AdventureSail® into their lives. We offer Scholarships to sailing and would like to expand that to marine biology and local youth programs as part of this rewarding program. All AdventureSail® girls are offered a free junior membership in NWSA, lasting until they become 18 years of age.


The Women’s Sailing Foundation offers two scholarship opportunities: Learn to Sail Scholarship for a recognized sailing course and an enhanced sailing experience or program for a teenaged girl through the Sue Coral Youth Sailing Scholarship.

AdventureSail® Learn To Sail Scholarship

The AdventureSail® Scholarship can be applied to any recognized sailing program that has partnered with the Women’s Sailing Foundation in support of AdventureSail®.

Our partners include sailing organizations and community youth agencies who have participated in or sponsored an AdventureSail® event.

An AdventureSail® event usually includes a day where young girls have an opportunity to experience sailing through a safe structured program. More information regarding hosting an AdventureSail® event can be obtained by contacting Valli Cook at

The requirements for the girl requesting a Learn to Sail Scholarship are:

  • Be between 9 and 14 years old
  • Be able to swim
  • Have participated in an AdventureSail® experience
  • Complete the Scholarship application form
  • Submit a one page composition – Why I would like to learn to sail
  • Prove financial need
  • Provide parental or guardian written consent
  • Provide a letter from affiliated community/Youth program recommending you for a scholarship
  • Provide the name of the recognized youth sailing program in which you plan to enroll.

The requirements for the participating sailing organization are:
Letter to WSF AdventureSail® identifying the student who will receive the sailing lessons
• Confirm that the recipient qualifies to participate in sailing program and registration date
• Provide updated, published costs to participate in youth sailing program
• Provide billing/payment requests in advance of student participating.

Please Note:
The scholarship funds will be sent directly to the identified sailing program
• The sailing program must be a WSF AdventureSail® partner
• The sailing program should have a recognized youth learn-to-sail program at its facility

Download the Learn to Sail Scholarship Application or contact your local sailing institution where you participated in an Adventuresail® experience.

Sue Corl Youth Sailing Scholarship (SCYSS)

Enhanced Sailing Experience or program for a Teenage Girl

Elizabeth (Sue) Corl, of Marblehead, MA, a member of the Board of Directors of the Women’s Sailing Foundation (WSF), was a tireless advocate for WSF programs. Having raised two daughters and having been involved with many volunteer organizations supporting girls, Sue was thrilled to be an organizer of the first Boston AdventureSail® program which took place in Boston Harbor at Courageous Sailing Center in 1997. AdventureSail® is a nationwide program for underserved girls ages 9 to 14. Sue was also the co-chair of the inaugural Women’s Sailing Conference in Marblehead in 2001. Sue died in 2007 but she will always be remembered for her desire to introduce the sport of sailing to young girls. With her early involvement in AdventureSail® Sue sought opportunities for girls to continue to enhance their sailing and education related to sailing. In 2015, the Board established a scholarship in Sue’s memory, the Sue Corl Youth Sailing Scholarship (SCYSS).

This special scholarship in memory of a special woman is offered annually to underserved girls between the ages of 14 and 19.
The opportunities to which the scholarship may be applied include, but are not limited to, enrollment in:
• An advanced sailing program
• A racing program
• A tall ship or live-aboard experience
• A marine or maritime-related program

When there are multiple requests, sailing-related programs take precedence.
An application for up to $500 in scholarship funds must be submitted to the SCYSS Committee at

Download Sue Corl Youth Scholarship Application